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Denny was not only my oldest brother and best friend, he was a gifted writer, singer and someone who really had a burden for lost souls. Den and I wrote a lot of our music together, and individually...all of our music was given to us by The Holy Spirit! We had our own language, understanding and we completed one another when we wrote together. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss him terribly, but I know he is with our Lord and Savior, and now he's also with our Mother who passed in June 2009.

"Brother-to-Brother was born out of desire to do a tribute project honoring the God-given music and ministry of my brother, Denny."

Shortly after Den went home to be with Jesus in late 2002, I was talking on the phone with a mutual family friend, Mickey Rooney, Jr. I was telling him of my desire to do a tribute CD project to honor Den. Right at that moment of clarity, Mickey said "Brother-to-Brother Timmy...that's what you should name your tribute CD." Kind of like Natalie Cole did to honor her father's memory, Nat King Cole. And so, the Brother-to-Brother idea was born.

After about a year or so, I reached out to a certain record label asking them if I could possibly get back the masters from our last project. After much prayer and many phone calls, I came home from a trip one day and there was a note from my neighbor saying that he had signed for a large package for me. To my amazement and much gratitude to The Lord and also the record label executives, the box contained what I had been trying to obtain for over 2 years..."the Masters."

Of course, the original project was recorded in the early 90's on 2" tape and would have to be "baked" in a hydrogenated environment and then transferred into a digital format to enable us to add my voice with Den's later on. For all of you who might not know about this process, this is typically a "one-shot" process, it either transfers or it's burned up! In God's goodness, all 7 songs that we'd received back from the label transferred beautifully...PTL!

Before the completion and recent release of my 1st solo CD, "New Life", I've was also working on the Brother-to-Brother project, a tribute to my late big brother, CCM recording artist, Denny Correll. I've been working with Larry Brown who is a multi-talented, Grammy Award winning producer, etc., and I feel extremly blessed that Larry has agreed to do this project with me! We know that God will complete this work that He's begun in us, for His glory and in His time!

My 1st tribute single to Denny, "You're My Hiding Place" is now available on iTunes! God is so faithful:) 

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