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Tim wanted to say "before we begin my bio, I want to dedicate this site and music to Jesus Christ. May He be glorified in all that we do, say and sing! I want to thank my oldest brother Denny for his inspiration, my mother who has always stayed focused on Jesus and has guided me and my siblings, as well as countless others, to Christ. I also want to thank my step-father Jim of 26 years for his unwavering integrity and strong character; and, I want to thank my wife of 30 years for her love and encouragement."  

Tim has always believed that Contemporary Christian Music is a powerful way to reach the lost for Jesus and also to encourage the body of Christ. His inspiration not only comes from The Lord but from his older brother and best friend, Denny. Tim has written and/or co-written over 300 songs. He has had his songs recorded by many Christian artists over the years, and has sung background vocals for Michelle Pillar Carlton, Darryl Mansfield, Leon Patillo, The Archers, Stephanie Boosahda and Paul Davis just to name a few.

Mr. Correll has been the voice of various Christian radio and media commercials during his career. He has appeared onTBN-Trinity Broadcasting Network the Father Michael Manning program and with Hal Lindsay at Christfest at the Ramona Bowl in Hemet, CA.

Denny and Tim were co-writers of the song “Trust You” that was used for the 2007 soundtrack of Marvel’s release of Stan Lee presents “The Condor”. Tim has sung at churches, outreaches, prisons, and, for various ministries over the years. He is always writing songs, and enjoys worshipping at outreach venues and with his praise team at his local church, Faith Bible Church located in Glendale, AZ.

Tim was born and raised in Southern California. You might say that he was born “hardwired for music”. His father had been a big band orchestra leader and gifted piano player; and his mother a big band lead singer. Music always filled his home from Big Band Swing, Jazz, R&B and Gospel, to Rock-n-Roll. His oldest brother Denny Correll was a pioneer in Contemporary Christian music and a founding member of the group Love Song. His older sister, Janice is also a singer, and she and her husband have led numerous praise and worship teams.

At the age of five, Mr. Correll's parents were divorced due to an extremely alcoholic father. In the years that followed, The Lord would reveal Himself to each family member and eventually all were saved. Tim will always remember accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior at the young age of 9 while attending a David Wilkerson rally at Candlewood Christian Center in Anaheim, CA (would become Melodyland). Through constant prayer and witnessing, his birth father accepted Christ as Savior late in his life and was delivered from alcoholism and was reconciled to his children through God's mercy and grace.

During his teen years, Tim worked on the drug and suicide prevention hotlines at Melodyland Christian Center. Growing up during the hippie “Jesus movement” of the late 60’s through early 70’s, Mr. Correll experienced first hand the great outpouring of The Holy Spirit that was happening in Southern California, and especially learning the Bible through the teachings of Pastor Churck Smith at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa. " When I was 14 years old I remember being led by The Holy Spirit to re-state my faith to The Lord...a child has passed the age of accountability once he or she is capable of making a faith decision for or against Christ. I realized that my faith must be based on the Word of God, and not my feelings. Feelings can change with circumstances, but the Word of God is always constant. Pastor Chuck led me in the sinners prayer as I crossed over from being a child of faith into becoming a young man now accountable to God."

Tim began songwriting in his early teens and was involved with his brother Denny’s ministry early on. They were constantly collaborating writing songs, singing background vocals together, or each writing songs of their own. Tim enjoyed traveling with his brother whenever he could, opening for him on occasion, and always sharing the message of salvation with their music.

“Denny was an extremely gifted songwriter and one of the original blue-eyed soul singers; he had a huge burden for lost souls. Our message has always been to share the good news of The Gospel with the music that The Lord gave both of us, individually and together, encouraging others to receive Christ as their Savior and be born again” says Mr. Correll.

After Denny’s sudden passing at the young age of 56 in late 2002, Tim went through a very difficult time. “We were joined at the hip and Denny’s passing has been really hard” says Mr. Correll, “I know he’s with Jesus, but he was not only my big brother, but also my best friend…it’s taken some time and I still choke up especially when I’m in the studio recording…I really miss him.”

Tim is committed to continue their music and has begun working and recording with multiple Dove Award winning producer and hit songwriter, Skip Konte. Mr. Correll stated how blessed he is that Skip shares his vision and has committed to be the executive producer of his current project (Skip produced Denny’s first two CCM albums).

Close friend, Willie Harlan, whose engineering and production resume includes countless CCM projects, has been involved from the beginning in Tim and Denny’s careers. “Willie has always selflessly been there for Den and I, and, especially for me since Den’s passing. God has also been so gracious to include in the mix an accomplished group of Christian brothers who are talented musicians, some that were with Den back in the day. We all share the same commitment that we’re in it to win others to Christ”, says Mr. Correll.

While working on his current project, Tim is also working on a tribute project dedicated to his brother Denny, entitled “Brother-to-Brother”, a collection of Denny’s past recorded songs that were mostly co-written by the two of us. “Because of current technology we’re able to digitally add my voice (Den sang lead solo originally). It’s now a mix of Den & I trading lead vocals and harmonizing with each other as if we’re back in the studio again” says Tim. "Similar to what Natalie Cole did to honor her legendary father Nat King Cole."

His first B2B tribute song “You’re My Hiding Place”, now available for download in the  Media Store, was originally recorded, mixed and then remixed by Emmy award music and film producer, and composer Larry Brown. More songs will be added at a later time to the “Brother to Brother” project. "It's really important to me and to Denny's daughters, Dawn and Lisa, to keep Denny's message of hope and salvation alive through his and our music", says Mr. Correll.

After “many years of trials, heartache and pain (mostly self inflicted),” Tim has come to realize that “walking in obedience with God and surrendering your life to Him is truly the only way that you will ever be fulfilled. Always keep your focus on Him and never on yourself or your circumstances...He alone is sufficient!”

Tim’s cry to the Church is “that no matter what sinful habits you’re battling or challenges that you might be facing, Jesus is able to bring you out of any and every bondage, and, to see you through all trials. Accept Him as your Savior and also make Him The Lord of your life. If you have drifted away, rededicate your life to Him today. Praise and worship Jesus because He alone is worthy to be praised!”

Note from Tim:

Going forward, I’d really appreciate your prayers for The Lord’s discernment and provision, as Skip, Willie and I seek God’s will and direction with our projects. We know that God has already gone before us and has prepared the way.

I pray that my first two recorded songs "New Life" and “Set Free”  will speak to your spirit, touch your heart, strengthen your faith, and, encourage you to worship The Lord! I also hope you enjoy hearing Den and I singing together on "You're My Hiding Place."



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